Eagle US9

High-end Color Doppler Ultrasound System

Eagle US9 adopts a new GPU platform and has a number of advantageous imaging technologies, excellent 2D images, sensitive blood flow information and practical quantitative analysis software, providing a comprehensive ultrasound diagnostic solution for different departments.                    

Intelligent Measurement Software


With one key, the actual position of fetal craniocerebral brain can be automatically identified, thus measuring automatically the length of head circumference and femur, thus greatly improving the accuracy of calculation on gestational week.                            


With one key, the accurate NT measurement can be automatically completed, thus significantly improving the efficiency of measuring the transparent layer of the neck in early pregnancy and reduced the data error.                        

Whole-body Application

Eagle US9 provides comprehensive application solutions and delivers powerful functions for cardiac, obstetrics and gynecology, blood vessel, superficial, abdominal examinations and other body examination requirements. Diagnosis is much easier with accurate and accessible clinical data.Three-dimensional ultrasound spectrum Doppler imaging: enables more accurate diagnostic evidence for early detection of cardiovascular disease and hemodynamic analysis.                    

Efficient Workflow

· Adaptive sound speed optimization and signal correction technology: automatic acquisition of optimal speed of sound of the organs can significantly improve the image resolution ratio.· Intelligent one-key optimization: intelligent optimization of  parameters such as 2D, color and spectrum, to obtain the best imaging effect with one key.· User-defined design: customization of various parameters and simplification of operation workflow by presetting according to the users’habits and scanning requirements.· Post-processing of raw data: multi-parameter adjustment, measurement and calculation of stored images significantly improves scanning efficiency and quality.                        

Exceptional Imaging Technology

Ultra-wide frequency fusion imaging High-resolution fine blood flow imaging LanSRI image post processing technology Dual mode elastography                    

Comprehensive Clinical Applications


Cardiac Four-chamber Blood Flow


Carotid Blood Flow


Kidney Blood Flow


Left Ventricle Long Axis


Fetal Brain