Eagle MDR6000A

Mobile Digital Radiography

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Purpose

User-friendly Design-Multiple Exposure Modes

Exposure of Near Platform Handbrake

Radio Frequency Remote Control Exposure

Software Timing Exposure


Braking Function

Embedded with anti-collision device, the braking function with alarming sound can be initiated with just one soft touch, thus protecting the security of patients and pedestrians.

17×17” large-sized flat panel

The 17×17” large-sized flat panel is waterproof, vibration-proof and can stand up to 150kg weight.


Electric driven

The electric driven system enables easy movement with single one hand.Rear-wheel driven with dual motors support 360° rotation at one point.

Easy Operation

The system can be applied to versatile applications. Tube stand can be rotated from left to right and extended freely. Therefore, the system can provide photography to patients in any near distance and provide accurate positioning, thus brining convenient operations for users.

One Key for 5-axis Movements

Unlock 5-axis movements with just one key for easy positioning. Cross arm telescopic,Cross arm lifting ,Column rotation ,Tube horizontal axis rotation,Tube axis rotation.

Science and Technology

Dual Battery, Dual Control

Dual batteries, one for device drive and the other one for exposure. Battery capacity and life can be extended by switching off exposure battery when there is no examination going on.

Touchscreen Operation

Full-sized multi-touchscreen enables easier operation and clearer workflow.

Clinical Images