QT Ultrasound

3D Breast Scanning Ultrasound

A true milestone in breast imaging is finally here.Designed for every woman, QTultrasound can provide high-definition 3D breast imaging, while providing you with a comfortable and safe inspection experience.

The Future of Breast Imaging
Available to your Patients today

The true 3D depth and clarity
No radiation
Exceptional patient comfort and support

QT Ultrasound

Breast MRI


3D Mammography with Tomosynthesis

Handheld Ultrasound


3D Image Depth and Clarity for Greater Insight

QT Ultrasound uses innovative quantitative transmission ultrasound technology to provide the firsttrue 3D imaging of the entire breast. This is possible even through dense breast tissue and aroundimplants, with no radiation, injections or patient discomfort.More accurate than mammography and hand-held ultrasound at identifying certain breast structures.High-fidelity 360˚ images at a comparable contrast to a typical MRI.View microanatomy down to the size of just a few hundred cells.Anatomic detail based on the speed of sound for characterization of certain tissue types.

Elevated Comfort and Care Every Patient will Appreciate

QT Ultrasound removes the anxiety many women associate with breast imaging. It’s a relaxing experience during which the patient’s breast is placed in a gentle warm water bath while the images are taken. It’s so comfortable that many women fall asleep.No exposure to radiation.No painful compression.Peaceful, calming environment to help patients feel at ease.Imaging takes an average of 10 minutes per breast.

Detailed Imaging,Ideal for any Woman

QT Ultrasound sees through dense breast tissue and around implants, makingit a perfect follow-up to mammography for these patient types.Because there are no frequency limitations, QT Ultrasound is a safe option for patients who require imaging more often, or any woman who simply wants extra assurance after their mammogram.

QT Ultrasound Can See


Cyst In A Very Dense Breast

Cancer In A Heterogeneously Dense Breast

True 3D Implant Imaging